I've made a preview for the project including all the maps, enjoy!

After much deliberating and testing, I've decided the maps I've finished are the maps that will make up the AVP Map pack.  Forge World just doesn't provide enough for me to finish the other maps in a clean and enjoyable manner.  I could make them, but they'd look and play terribly.
I may in the future attempt to really build the other maps, but so far I haven't been able to figure anything out to make them properly.  And honestly, 5 maps is enough anyways.  So unless anyone REALLY wants to see something done, I'm not making anymore maps.  I'm going to finish up what I have and get this thing finished before it ends up in The Graveyard.

But on the bright side, these maps are turning out great.  I'll post pictures once I have something real to show.  I'm also going to work on a video
I've finished Leadworks and Reservoir.  Head to the Works In Progress page to check them out!
I'm making ridiculous progress with the AVP project.  I've completed Pod save some aesthetic touches I'll be making later on, but it's pretty much done.  After I'd finished Pod I began work on Leadworks which is also almost done, but it's a bit rough around the edges right now.  Leadworks was probably the most frustrating project I've EVER worked on, but damn was it worth it.  It turned out to be pretty awesome, and once I finish making things look even I'll post it up here.  So far it's my favorite out of the bunch.
Hooray, a real update.  I'm out on summer break a bit early as I didn't have any final exams, so I've had a lot of extra time on my hands.  I've pretty much finished up AVP Compound, so I felt it was safe to add some images to the website.  As it's done, I've begun work on 2 more maps: Pod, and Leadworks.  It's more likely you'll see an update on Pod very soon, so keep a lookout for new updates!

On the note of the AVP project, I've kind of made a list of maps I'll at least try to make:

Pod - Almost done
Leadworks - Half done

No promises on those, resources run out surprisingly fast on Forge World.  I actually had to cut out a section of Leadworks as of now; a sad but necessary sacrifice.  I'll work on it more to see if I can get it to work, but it's not looking so great.  Fortunately it's not necessarily the most prominent part of the map, so don't worry too much about it.

Expect an update on Pod tomorrow maybe.
Semester's over, and I had some time to work on my forge maps.  I've already taken the pictures, I just need to throw them together and update the site.  This update pertains to the AVP map pack.  The next map is Compound, and is about 85% done.  I just have some minor aesthetic touches to throw in, put in spawns and weapons and it's done.  I will then move onto my next map which I haven't decided on yet.
I haven't updated anything in a while, though I said I would.  I'm really busy with school right now and any free time I have goes to stuff I enjoy doing outside of Halo modding/Forging.  I plan on jumping back into it all sometime when I can to give anyone reading this something to see, most likely an update on Forge since those projects are already started, in contrast to Halo PC where I have to restart a project.


A website within a website.
This is tacky and shameless advertising, but I have a blog I started to just post random internet snippets while I'm in classes that don't need my full attention.  It gets a bit more activity than I put into here because I have to at least pay a little attention in my class, so modding is kind of out of the question.  It's not going to be about life, politics, women, cars, or me ambitiously taking on re-cooking a bunch of recipes from a famous cookbook (yes, I did see that movie).  Just about the internet and alot that it entitles, pretty self explanatory really. 


Check it out, or don't.

After fiddiling with some modding programs and some help from the members of ModHalo I got a vital piece of my mod into the map, at which point I realized it really doesn't work out at all.  Basically my idea was to put a Scarab into a select map, and have blue team be the invading team, and red be the defending team, much like Invasion.  Everyone starts out with 1 life, and it would be a race gametype.  When the Scarab reached the one checkpoint outside red base, or killed all the reds, the blue wins.  If the red team killed the blue team, they win.


The Scarab is a LOT bigger than I anticipated.  I drove it around in Extinction for a while and didn't think it was all that big, but that's because that map is massive, making the Scarab look pretty small.  Here I was thinking it would fit just fine in Sidewinder... Yeah it didn't.  I tried a few SP maps, but there were too many vital parts of the map where the Scarab couldn't fit through.
Another problem is I found it really hard to get on the Scarab without dying due to unknown and frustrating causes.  Sometimes my character would just bounce off and fall to a painful death, or he would just die once he touched the Scarab.  This isn't so much an issue for blue team since I was just gonna have them teleport onto the Scarab.  But it's a terrible issue for red team since they have to actually board it to kill blue team.
The last problem isn't so much a problem as it is me just being picky, but pretty much all my mods are on Death Island, and that map is the only map big enough to get this to work.  Granted I was making some custom structures to board the Scarab on (bridges, walkways, etc), so it would look pretty different, but meh.  I don't like reusing the same map.

In conclusion...

There goes another idea.  I still have a few good ideas I think I can initiate better than this whole Invasion mod.  But you can't blame me for trying, can you?

And a small Forge update

I know I said I'd update the AVP project, and I will.  I have yet to even capture video or pictures from both Outpost4 or Compound.  I'm pretty swamped at school right now to which all my free time is devoted to for obvious reasons.  And again, if anyone wants to help test, let me know.  I couldn't tell you when I'd be free to test.  I have yet to really even ask any of the big Forge communities for some testers yet, so it'll be a bit down the road. 

First off: Forge
My current Forge project is the AVP series.  I've pretty much completed Outpost4 (with the exception of testing it in-game, which I will do when I can).  So far I really like how it's turned out, and I'm confident it will be fun as hell.. That has yet to be determined, but I can dream.  I'm currently putting more energy into Compound which is maybe 30% done, and I'll be opening a new page for it, complete with pictures and video comparing it to the old map.  I've been doing my best to keep them as close as possible to the originals, which includes me making extremely tedious adjustments to absolutely everything I do.  But you'll se more on that on the page soon enough.
On the last note pertaining to Forge, I'll try and get a flythrough video up on Outpost4.  I realize to those who haven't been in the map, the screenshots can be a little confusing.  This is true for any Forge map, which is why I try having a flythrough of all my maps.  It's just a little tedious for me since my capture card isn't supported on Windows 7, forcing me to run a virtual XP and work with it from there.  Out of my 6GB of ram, I can only use 1 or 2 GB for virtual XP, so the video lags making me run the game on a separate TV and my capture card for a decent flythrough.. it's a mess.

Second topic: Halo PC Mod
 As you might have seen I'm currently working on a project which I'm pretty excited about.  Once I can get the modding tools to cooperate with me, I'll open up that page as well.  All I can say about it right now is I believe it's gonna make for some incredibly fun games.  That's what sucks about modding, sometimes you have a really cool concept, and then it just turns out to be... not so cool once you play it.  It's gonna be in the mini-game genre, so don't expect major texture revamps and mindblowing effects.
This isn't really an update on any projects, but a website update.  I added a new section called "The Graveyard".  It's a showcase for all my lost projects that I still have some material on.