This Website

This website is a portfolio/organizational site for me and others to keep track of my work with working downloads and pictures.  I've come to realize sometimes work isn't safe on forums.  It will feature mods, files, tutorials, and other things I decide to put up here.  The main focus of this website is all my Halo work, though there might be a couple other miscellaneous projects here and there.

For those that don't know me, here's a little history of what I've done... appropriately starting with all the names I've had to maybe familiarize myself to you.  I've gone through more than 5 names probably, but my more notable ones are Multi-Genre, JK-47, Mubox, and my newer name Prototape which is probably my permanent name.  But for the sake of everyone at ModHalo, I'll just stick with Mubox to keep myself familiar with everyone.
Beyond names, I started modding in late 2004 when I heard about a trainer some people were using in a server.  They linked me to, which I became a regular member of.  I've only released 4 mods, 3 of which are still available.  Outside of that, I've worked on countless projects, all of which have been lost.  I don't particularly release mods unless I think they're playable, otherwise I'm just modding for the fun of it.
You'll notice my mods aren't exactly revolutionary.  That's because I don't really care about making them such.  My style is to make mods that have the potential of being very fun.  This includes mini games, to new arenas, etc.  While I am a firm believer that aesthetics matter, I don't put too much time into it.  I probably should have learned a lot in the 7 years I've been doing this, but I'm more interested in mods when I create them according to my style (meaning they'll most likely get finished).

Aside from mods, I do a lot of Forging.  You'll see a few Forge maps (for Halo Reach, I despise Halo 3's forging system) from me released onto here.  These maps reflect my style of modding which focuses on making them fun.  This ranges from a fun map (like a lot of forge maps out there), to new game types, to mini games, etc.

To sum this up, you won't see much of me in terms of mods, and posts.  While I'd love to devote more time to my projects, I'm going to school full time and barely have time to breathe when I get home before I have to jump right back into doing school work.  I'll put some time into my work here and there, but expect to wait a bit before you see anything new from me in the future.

On one last note, here's a couple mods I've done that some of you should be familiar with:
For updates regarding works in progress and other things, check the blog page.  The homepage serves more as a preface to what this website is.