Primarily a skin for Bloodgulch with a few HMT/Sparkedit edits here and there.  This is the oldest mod I currently have that I made.  I had intended on this being the beginning to a complete skin-over of Halo much like Pepsi's FTW.  But after this project I realized how much work it was, and got a bit lazy.  I currently have no desire to restart the project at all.  But maybe sometime in the future when I have more time I'll work on it some more.

Forsaken Island

A mod for Death Island.  I took all the spawns, weapons, markers, etc.  And moved them to the top of Death Island and created a new playing area featuring a bridge, a structure for players to play through/on top of.  It's a PMI mod only, meaning I didn't add any extra tags or skins.  I just PMI'd everything that looked useful for the level and applied them as well as I could.  This map is for larger parties.


My most recent mod released.  It's a map built on Death Island (chose it for it's space), but doesn't use any of the maps elements.  Mylith is completely it's own level.  It's probably one of my more favorite mods that I've done and I'm pretty happy with how it plays.  It's designed for smaller groups (1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3).

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