Outpost4, and the AVP project

I've had this idea for a while but didn't have the means to initiate it in Halo 3 as well as I would have liked to. Seeing as how I started FPS with Aliens vs Predator 2, and how it's gameplay and maps still stand to be some of the best I've played, I've decided to remake some of the levels, complete with different races. I'll be releasing them in an AVP map pack complete with it's own gametype. So far, including this one, there's 4. But I might add more depending on how comfortable I feel with the limit Reach gives me with resources.
I used pretty much every resource to make this level, and I realize it's not 100% accurate, but I did the absolute best I could with the resources given. I would have loved to put more detail into everything, but the limit prevented me from doing so. For those who have played AVP2, I promise the feel and mechanics are pretty much the same.

The maps I plan to recreate are:
Compound (really open map with some close quarters elements, currently working on it)
Reservoir (close quarters)
Leadworks (looks like the area where they dump the led in Alien 3. Thin long tunnels, with an open upper level)
Pod (great map for infection, it's a vertical map.)

I will try other maps, but I won't list them because I'm not making any promises that they'd be released.  Forge has a very short fuse when it comes to big maps like these.

Outpost4 is a medium sized map.  I'm a bit fuzzy on which gametypes it will feature, but team slayer is definitely one of them.  Players spawn into their appropriate spawn areas, and have a limited time to grab the weapons they desire (this is to prevent weapon pickup after they teleport into the arena, I don't recall there being an Alien that fired a rifle). 
  • Humans must rely on teamwork in order to win the game.  They have a large arsenol of weapons, but they are weak against the Predator's powerups and the Alien's agility.  I wanted to pretty much force them to work together.
  • Aliens rely on their agility and speed.  Their arsenol consists of the energy sword and the plasma rifle (sword acting as tail/claws, rifle acting as acid/acid spit).  While powerful in their attacks, the aliens are somewhat weak, forcing a 'Hive Mentality'.
  • Predators, as always, have a virtual advantage over the two.  I lowered their health and upped their shields a bit to give the other classes a fighting chance.

I have considered a lot of angles and taken a lot of feedback from a lot of people for this project to ensure it's playable.  Even risking some of the true trademarks of the game.  I realize Halo and AVP play very differently, and have adapted to that fact.

To view feedback and other information, view the original topic.


Marine spawn area
Predator spawn area
Alien spawn area



This video shows a comparison between my map, and the older one.


This map is not yet finished.  The pictures shown are a little old, and I have made a few changes to the map since I took them.  I will update this page when there is sufficient matirial to show.  Check the blog for a constant news feed on this project, and other works in progress.