AVP Reservoir

I had a bit of fun with this one and kind of made it a bit different from the original. The original one is extremely dark and gloomy, and since Forge World is bright, and I didn't like the look Purple gave to my map, I made it a bit more open. Basically I tried to make it like a section of a ship. The water part being a water filtration system, and the other section kind of like a hangar/storage bay. The ship is obviously in the atmosphere of a planet, but I'm too lazy to write up a huge story as to why it's there. So "Because it is" will have to be good enough.
In all honesty, before I remade it I had almost no respect for this map. Especially from a human perspective, it was too dark and gave both the Aliens and Predators a ridiculous advantage. But I really like how the Reach version turned out, and I really enjoy it.