After fiddiling with some modding programs and some help from the members of ModHalo I got a vital piece of my mod into the map, at which point I realized it really doesn't work out at all.  Basically my idea was to put a Scarab into a select map, and have blue team be the invading team, and red be the defending team, much like Invasion.  Everyone starts out with 1 life, and it would be a race gametype.  When the Scarab reached the one checkpoint outside red base, or killed all the reds, the blue wins.  If the red team killed the blue team, they win.


The Scarab is a LOT bigger than I anticipated.  I drove it around in Extinction for a while and didn't think it was all that big, but that's because that map is massive, making the Scarab look pretty small.  Here I was thinking it would fit just fine in Sidewinder... Yeah it didn't.  I tried a few SP maps, but there were too many vital parts of the map where the Scarab couldn't fit through.
Another problem is I found it really hard to get on the Scarab without dying due to unknown and frustrating causes.  Sometimes my character would just bounce off and fall to a painful death, or he would just die once he touched the Scarab.  This isn't so much an issue for blue team since I was just gonna have them teleport onto the Scarab.  But it's a terrible issue for red team since they have to actually board it to kill blue team.
The last problem isn't so much a problem as it is me just being picky, but pretty much all my mods are on Death Island, and that map is the only map big enough to get this to work.  Granted I was making some custom structures to board the Scarab on (bridges, walkways, etc), so it would look pretty different, but meh.  I don't like reusing the same map.

In conclusion...

There goes another idea.  I still have a few good ideas I think I can initiate better than this whole Invasion mod.  But you can't blame me for trying, can you?

And a small Forge update

I know I said I'd update the AVP project, and I will.  I have yet to even capture video or pictures from both Outpost4 or Compound.  I'm pretty swamped at school right now to which all my free time is devoted to for obvious reasons.  And again, if anyone wants to help test, let me know.  I couldn't tell you when I'd be free to test.  I have yet to really even ask any of the big Forge communities for some testers yet, so it'll be a bit down the road.