First off: Forge
My current Forge project is the AVP series.  I've pretty much completed Outpost4 (with the exception of testing it in-game, which I will do when I can).  So far I really like how it's turned out, and I'm confident it will be fun as hell.. That has yet to be determined, but I can dream.  I'm currently putting more energy into Compound which is maybe 30% done, and I'll be opening a new page for it, complete with pictures and video comparing it to the old map.  I've been doing my best to keep them as close as possible to the originals, which includes me making extremely tedious adjustments to absolutely everything I do.  But you'll se more on that on the page soon enough.
On the last note pertaining to Forge, I'll try and get a flythrough video up on Outpost4.  I realize to those who haven't been in the map, the screenshots can be a little confusing.  This is true for any Forge map, which is why I try having a flythrough of all my maps.  It's just a little tedious for me since my capture card isn't supported on Windows 7, forcing me to run a virtual XP and work with it from there.  Out of my 6GB of ram, I can only use 1 or 2 GB for virtual XP, so the video lags making me run the game on a separate TV and my capture card for a decent flythrough.. it's a mess.

Second topic: Halo PC Mod
 As you might have seen I'm currently working on a project which I'm pretty excited about.  Once I can get the modding tools to cooperate with me, I'll open up that page as well.  All I can say about it right now is I believe it's gonna make for some incredibly fun games.  That's what sucks about modding, sometimes you have a really cool concept, and then it just turns out to be... not so cool once you play it.  It's gonna be in the mini-game genre, so don't expect major texture revamps and mindblowing effects.