I haven't updated anything in a while, though I said I would.  I'm really busy with school right now and any free time I have goes to stuff I enjoy doing outside of Halo modding/Forging.  I plan on jumping back into it all sometime when I can to give anyone reading this something to see, most likely an update on Forge since those projects are already started, in contrast to Halo PC where I have to restart a project.


A website within a website.
This is tacky and shameless advertising, but I have a blog I started to just post random internet snippets while I'm in classes that don't need my full attention.  It gets a bit more activity than I put into here because I have to at least pay a little attention in my class, so modding is kind of out of the question.  It's not going to be about life, politics, women, cars, or me ambitiously taking on re-cooking a bunch of recipes from a famous cookbook (yes, I did see that movie).  Just about the internet and alot that it entitles, pretty self explanatory really. 


Check it out, or don't.